Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Seriously, Adults? Seriously!?!

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Nina is judging you for giggling through her intimate moments.

I don't go to the movies very often. My husband and I just don't have that kind of money. We used to go to the drive-ins every so often, but currently don't have the right kind of fully-functioning vehicle for that. (Long story.)

For Valentine's Day, we went to a matinee of Black Swan, a film I've been dying to see long before its release date.

I know when Black Swan first came out, a lot of people hadn't heard of it and didn't really know that it's a twisted psychological thriller and not some sweet, happy film about Swan Lake. Now that Natalie Portman has picked up just about every best actress award, and the film's been getting all kinds of buzz, including a Best Picture Oscar nom., I think the general public is better informed. At the very least, people sitting their butts down in the theater to watch Black Swan should know it's an adult movie.

Imagine my surprise when I hear a baby start to cry not five minutes into the film. Seriously? You brought a baby to the theater, and to Black Swan, no less? And, on Valentine's Day? Seriously? Bringing a baby to the theater shouldn't be allowed for ANY film (unless it's one of those mommy and me specials), but you had to bring a baby into an intense psycho drama? Seriously?

As if the baby wasn't bad enough, the adults in the theater giggled during the sex scenes and made various noises that implied, "We're too immature to watch these scenes without acting like 13-year-old school kids." Seriously, adults? Seriously? If you had read anything about the movie, you KNEW those scenes were coming, and you still couldn't just shut up and watch? You had to take the rest of us out of the movie with your childish behavior? Seriously?

I need to stop going to the theater, I think. I've had far worse experiences, and I still loved every minute of the movie (even when it made me cringe and literally cover my face with my hands), but I really expected more of the adults who would choose to see the very dark, artsy and unromantic Black Swan on Valentine's Day. I guess by expecting people to behave like adults and have a little common courtesy for others, I just expect far too much.

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