Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting Older, Getting Thinner

Woohoo. I lost 1.8 pounds since the last time I weighed myself 12 days ago. Not bad considering I spent a good portion of those last 12 days sick and barely able to get my big booty out of the recliner.

I'd like to lose at least another 4 pounds by my 27th birthday on March 10th, although I really don't want to think about getting that old. I don't feel that old, and I certainly don't look it; although, I guess I look old-enough to get a drinking wristband at a club without showing my I.D. That was a proud moment in my life, despite the fact that I don't even drink. I'm so used to people mistaking me for someone much, much younger than I am.

I hate the thought of getting older. When I tease my 30-year-old husband about his age, he likes to point out that I'm only four years behind him. I like to pretend 30 is very far away, but I know I'm inching up on it. Hopefully, I can inch up on it with fewer inches on my waist.

I danced for 30 minutes on Just Dance 2 today. Hoping for another 30 minutes tomorrow!

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