Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flying Frisbees for Gizmo Girl

I have been under the weather and sleeping 10 million hours a day (OK, more like 12 to 14), so I am really backed up on my paid work with deadlines staring me in the face. I keep staring right back at them and at the blank computer screen in front of me, but no words have magically appeared. I can't justify taking the time to write a blog; however, I can take a few minutes of out my busy screen-staring schedule to post some cute fur baby pics from my very outdated cellphone.

It was a beautiful, sunny day in Sactown, so I made Gizmo one happy doggy and played Frisbee with her in the backyard. She is 1 year old, very smart and crazy active and happy. We think she's a Chi/Jack/unknown mix. We adopted her from the Yolo County Animal Services Shelter in Woodland when she was 2 months old. She has probably played fetch every single day since we brought her home about 11 months ago.

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