Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hair Tales

It's March 1st. That means I turn 27 in nine days. Ahhhh!

I often change my hair for my birthday, and I'm totally unhappy with my hair now, but not sure what to do with it. I recently cut my bangs, and went against my instincts and snipped-snipped where I shouldn't have. I know the rules of bang-cutting, and I broke them. I'm at a loss. The color is fine. The bangs are horrendous. Much worse than the picture.

Here's my hair on Valentine's Day. 
The bangs a tiny bit longer now. 

Haircuts of past birthdays:

Last year, Great Clips cut my hair, and Aaron helped me dye it.
For the cut, I used a Katy Perry picture for inspiration.
I love her style. I just can't stand her when she opens her mouth.

For my 25th birthday, 
I sported bangs I could wear straight or sweep to the side 
with hair tapered in the front. 
I was my go-to blond color.

I celebrated turning 24 with side-swept bangs and a lighter auburn color. 
And struck another dorky pose, apparently.

I didn't get a special haircut for my 23rd birthday 
because I was growing out my hair for my wedding.

My 22nd birthday was the year that started the birthday transformations. 
Up until that year, I had had long, blond hair for a long time.
I dyed my hair a dark auburn, 
Great Clips added layers in front and side-swept bangs.  
Rory Gilmore's new college 'do was my hair inspiration.

Added bonus: Silly artsy photo.


If I pin back the sides of my bangs, they look better. It's going to take a long time to grow out the hair that should have never been bangs. I shouldn't cut my bangs in the middle of the night. Lesson learned.

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  1. looks like you haven't tried a dark rich brown color yet? I like dark hair on fair skinned girls.