Friday, March 11, 2011

I Have a Problem

A shoe problem.

When I went to put away my new birthday shoes, I realized I do own a pair of black flats. I had forgotten all about them because I never wear them because they're pretty uncomfortable.

That's my shoe closet, minus one shelf for slippers and sandals. 
The bottom right pair be hubby's dress hoes.

They're Steve Maddens from Famous Footwear that I got a killer deal on -- $10, regularly $40.

I know compared to a lot of girls, I don't own that many shoes. But, considering I really only wear a few pairs on a regular basis, most of my shoes just gather dust from sitting so long. I have a couple pairs I've yet to wear out of the house. I just love shoes.

I don't regret my new purchase because the Madden Girl shoes kill my feet, and the studs scrape the tops of my toes, but I can't believe I completely spaced that I did in fact own a similar pair. I think my next shoe-related purchase will be full gel inserts. I really need them. Cute shoes hurt, even Chucks.

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