Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Snapshots

Remember when you were little and time passed so slowly?  It felt like the school year would never end and summer was so far away. Then summer vacation felt like it lasted so long, but not long enough? Yea, those were the days. I feel like time is always flying by me. I blink and another month has come and gone.  Here's a snapshot of my fleeting summer, so far.

Enjoying the Sacramento Music (Jazz) Festival outside of Brooks Novelty Antiques and Records.

Participating in the democractic process, as I have every election since I was 18.

Seeing the hilarious "Wicked" at The Community Center Theater.

Finding chickens in our backyard, adding to the list of random animals which wander in.

Rockin' out to one of my favorite local bands, Bastards of Young. See my post on CIP.

Walking the dog through the nearby park under a cotton-candy sky.
Racing the sun on the way home from a Craigslist pickup in Folsom.

Eating ice cream on the back patio after a long day of moving furniture.

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