Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happily Married After

Fourth row bleachers for Joan Jett
I'm 27 years old, and I've been with my husband for 7 years.

We met when I was just 20.

Aaron likes to joke he had to get me when I was young and dumb.

He's 4 years older. I like to tease him about how old he is. He is, after all, in his 30s!

I am especially proud of our relationship. I've had friends and roommates tell me they envy it and that they hope for the same thing in their lives.

Aaron and I spend a lot of time together since we're both home all the time, and we just love hanging out together. Lately, we've been spending a ridiculous amount of time together in a very small space.

At the end of May, we had to temporarily move out of our house because we discovered our house had serious mold. On top of that, we just got a roommate, so she had to leave, too. It was a nightmare.

At first, we were told, 4 days. That's how long we'd be out of the house for mold remediation. Then 4 days turned into 4 more, and 4 more after that.

Now, the mold is gone and the rebuilding has begun. New kitchen counters, new carpet, new paint, etc. We're supposed to be back in our house by July 1st.

In that time, hubby and I have shared a room with our cat and dog at my mom and stepfather's house, which is also home to my disabled uncle and stepgrandmother who has dementia. (Pac Man, the snake, is staying with friends.)

To say it has been trying would be an understatement. But through it all, I've had my wonderful husband.

We've both felt like we're going to lose our minds, like we couldn't take another day cramped in this room with the suitcases overflowing with wrinkled clothes, the small fan attempting to combat the heat of a Sacramento summer in a house that rarely turns on the A/C, and with the cat's stinky litter box not far enough away in the hall outside the bedroom.

But, I think we're still sane, because we have each other ... and Netflix on the Wii.

June 19th was the 7-year anniversary of our first date. June 23rd was our 4th wedding anniversary.

We celebrated by seeing Joan Jett and the Blackhearts in concert and Bridesmaids and Water for Elephants on the big screens. Our movies were free!

Even though our living quarters weren't what we wanted for our anniversary, we had an awesome anniversary because we spent it together ... and with Joan Jett!

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