Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Maintenance Update

As my loyal readers will have noticed, I haven't been blogging recently. This is due in large part to lack of Internet. In order to save money and cut ties with the evil Comcast, my husband and I canceled our Internet and have been running into roadblocks trying to find a replacement. My Internet use has been limited when we travel to our parents' houses so that I can pay bills, check my email and publish articles for my new job at Examiner.com. My husband uses this time to search for a new job as he is one of the millions whose place of employment has closed down under the weight of the failing economy. Blogging has had to take a backseat to the more pressing issues.

I would like to direct any and all readers to check out my Examiner page where I will be posting around four times a week as the Sacramento Rock Music Examiner. Tell your friends, your family, and the stranger you met with Internet access.

I would also like to encourage everyone to support this site by visiting my Google sponsors and my Amazon store linked on the sidebar where you can buy the movies or books I blog about so that I can receive a small portion of the sales. Every little bit helps, and trust me when I say, I need it.

Below is a fresh new blog post! Happy reading!

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